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 Who we are 

Calamity Games is in an innovative Brazilian company based in Belo Horizonte. We are dedicated to capturing the best gaming experiences from all over the world, adapting them to reflect the local culture and bringing them to the homes of Brazil.


We have taken inspiration from an emblematic character of the legendary Wild West: Calamity Jane.


Calamity Jane was a brave woman who made an impact wherever she went and became popular because of her generous deeds, but also because of her daring nature. The nickname is said to have come from the fact that, in her own words, to defy her would be “to court calamity”. She was also a fun lover and never refused a drink, a joy ride or a good challenge.


Calamity Games follows in her example of a strong, defiant, fun and kind pioneer who brought calamity to her opponents.

Paula Soares Faria

Always looking for the next challenge, saw in the board game scene an opportunity to combine business with pleasure. As a good reader, she takes care of the researches and administrative part. A translator and subtitler, she loves languages and pop and nerd culture in general.

Her hobbies include sewing, cooking desserts and tarot reading.

Marina Miranda de Mattos

Sharing her time between Europe and Brazil, the first thing she does when she goes back to Belo Horizonte is to catch up with the old gang playing board games. Despite her background in operations she still struggles to get her meeple from start to finish before her friends.

Her hobbies include cartoons, video games and beer 😉

Dan O’Toole

An Irishman who is new to the board game scene but has been around the numbers scene for a long time. He looks after the books in between sampling our new titles.

His hobbies include classic movies, music and a cozy pub.

 What we do 


Our focus is in the licensing, co-production and
commercialization of modern board games
from all parts of the world.


We also work with acessories and
other related products, always searching
for what is new in the market.

 Our Partners 

Our success is built on working only with the best partners in the business.

Specifically we work together with:

International publishers

Renowned players on the market providing the best board game titles.

Prominent suppliers

Both national and international , assuring the best production quality and import optimization.

Accredited distributors

Marketing at a reasonable price and delivering efficiently.

 Our Values 

  • Working with qualified and accredited business partners
  • Careful consideration towards local and cultural aspects
  • Commitment with high quality and innovation for the most affordable customer cost
  • Constant pursuit of the best experience in board gaming
  • The spirit to break barriers and expand the board game market in Brazil
  • Having a keen eye for new possibilities on games and related products

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